Amount of write ops

I am thinking of using FaunaDB in a personal project, but I don’t know if it is suitable.

Project Summary

  • Cronjob in my backend ejecutes code every 2min.
  • Backend code updates FaunaDB documents (every 2min)

It is worth saying that the number of document is fixed, in other words I will be always updating existing data, so the storage limit is not an issue.


  • I have problems understanding the pricing. I don’t know aprox. how many write ops I would be doing in the DB.

If possible I would like my app working with free tier, because I am not generating any money from it still.

Thanks for the help

You haven’t told us how many documents you might store and update, nor their sizes. Be aware that storage consists of the documents and all of their versions, so you might have to prune document history from time-to-time.

One way to find out how many read/write/compute operations would be consumed is to run your queries in the Dashboard’s shell. It provides an info tooltip for every query showing you the resources consumed.