Understanding the Read/Write Ops

Hi everyone,

I am currently learning how to use Graphql with FaunaDB and I’m confused about how the read and write operations are measured.

  • October, 31. I created a testing database and uploaded a very basic gql schema, with only one type and one query. Manually (through the graphql playground), I created 6 elements of that type. Just that.

Then, I tested it through a local server. Just a few times. According to Fauna I made more than 300 read ops (not even close to reality).

  • November, 2 (yesterday). I did not work. I literally did not touch my laptop, and I am the only person with access to the key and the database.

  • November, 3 (today). I login into the FaunaDB dashboard to discover that yesterday, somehow, 140 read ops were counted. It’s illogical. As I just mentioned, I did not work on Novermber, 2, so how this is possible?


Any guidance is welcome, thanks in advance

Hi @rodas-cl and welcome!

Would you send me a private message with your email and I can take a look?