How do bulk operations count towards write ops?

I inserted and deleted about 10K documents a few times, and now I have 69K write ops on my dashboard. Which is confusing, because I thought the limit was 50K for the free plan. Does a bulk insert of 10K documents really count as 10K write ops? Is the dashboard wrong? If it’s correct, then why I am I still to make write operations?

What do you mean by “bulk operations”. Did you just run a script that ran Create(...) 10k times?

One Create function is going to cost one write Op, minimum. More if the docs are big, or if the docs are indexed. There is no rebate for REALLY big queries.

The billing page in docs is pretty thorough.

Surprising that it let you go over, though. Hooray, free ops!? :man_shrugging: :slight_smile:

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I ran

  Lambda('item', Create(...),

as well as

  Lambda('x', Delete(Var('x')),

Calling Create incurs at least one write operation. Write operations are counted for every 1K (or portion thereof) that gets written. So, a 4.5K document would incur 5 read operations.

If you have an index covering the collection where the Create took place, that index needs to write a new entry, and one write operation per 1K of index data (or portion thereof) per index partition is incurred. The amount of index data written depends on the fields specified in the index’s terms and values configuration, plus the reference to the indexed document.

Similarly, Delete incurs at least one write operation. Document size matters here too. As does the index update.

How read, write, and compute operations are counted is covered in detail here: Billing | Fauna Documentation