Auth0 only available on Team subscription @$150pm?

I have been waiting for the Auth0 integration as it is exactly how I wanted to approach the app I was going to build. However when walking through the blog post and demo I was hit by

description: “The feature ‘Create Access Providers’ is not available for your plan.”,

On reading through the pricing plan it looks like the feature is only enabled at $150/pm!

Or have I missed something?

Regards, Andy

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Hey @andystevenson,

it’s true that this feature will be only accessible for that plan. Your feedback is greatly appreciated though, it’s probably ideal if you add your comments to the pricing feedback here: New pricing disappoints me immensely

To impose such extreme pricing seems at odds with how Fauna DB portrays or originated.
I am a huge fan of what Fauna DB represents, but this pricing alienates me from being able to use the platform… as I am sure it must do for many others.

Regards, Andy

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I’d like to add some perspective here. It’s not like it’s impossible to combine Auth0 and Fauna without the new feature.

I’ve “integrated” Fauna with Auth0 already in my web app, but not with the new official method (as have other Fauna customers). By using Auth0 rules you can send Fauna tokens back to your app. As long as you define the correct ABAC permissions, I think that’ll work well in most cases. I’ll admit though, tokens are only available server-side in my app - so I will not vouch for client-side-only use - but someone else might?

Of course, I suppose that is not as convenient as this new fully integrated solution. But then again - I suppose it makes sense to pay for that extra convenience.

Hi aorsten,

Thanks for the response.
I really don’t mind paying for the feature but $150pm is a lot especially as I am developing for a small sports club which runs as a charity!

Regards, Andy

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Guys I:
a) filled in support ticket - did not any confirmation to email;
b) tried to login to community slack - slack told me I need to have email to join - what?
c) signed up for forum (this went smooth - phew);

just to say that giving alpha feature(and this has nothing to do with fauna - auth0 RBAC functionality is essentially in alpha yet, read Update on Authorization Core RBAC roadmap - Auth0 Community) for a test I need to pay 150$ without trial options is just as crazy as it can get.

Something’s essentially wrong. I will pay this 150$ because I value my time just to give it a try, but I do hope you will issue instant refund.

My honest recommendation - don’t scare devs away just because of lack of time for implementing normal incremental onboarding/acquisition process. Check out auth0 themselves how they do this - they are great at this.


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