New capabilities in the Free plan!

We’re excited to announce that we are adding more functionality to the Free plan. Effective today, developers in the Free plan will have access to unlimited Temporality and Third Party Authentication.

We are making these changes based on the feedback we heard from you - our developer community! These new capabilities will enable you to build powerful personal projects for free and make it easier for you to fully evaluate Fauna before deciding which plan best fits your needs for commercial projects.


That’s great news @Hassen !

Maybe premium regions can become an add-on starting at Individual plan? I.e., I can have the option to choose which regions I want my database to be available on. Since I’m planning to make my app available to Philippines and Australia, Sydney and Singapore regions would be the desirable options for me, then I should just be able to choose more regions as we expand to more countries, makes sense, right?

I was very happy and thank you.
Seeing that our views care made me feel good.

I recommended Fauna to my colleagues, and a friend of mine told me that he was studying Fauna the other day.

I really want the Fauna to come to a good point.

Thanks for the feedback @aprilmintacpineda. We are in the middle of building region groups and we’ll take this feedback into account!

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Thanks @hasimyerlikaya, we really appreciate your support!

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Will Third party authentication apply for the Individual plan?

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Third Party Authentication is now available in the free plan! Be sure to play around with it and follow @databrecht example here

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