Available Brazil and Singapore. Fake news?

Hi, I’m from Brazil and the last 12 months i developer one application.

I chose Fauna because want use serverless and i see one post that has cloud serverless database in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

But now has deleted this post and landing page in Global Available has Sao Paulo as “Future Regions”.

Why post in 2019 with news that come to Sao Paulo to after delete?

See the posts

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 10.55.59

Any news when finally come to Brazil?

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I was wondering the same here but didn’t get a clear answer.

On https://status.fauna.com/ nor Singapore or Brazil is present.

yes! Status page show just EUA and Ireland.

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someone know when this region will turn available again?
only Business tier??

my application need Brazil region only.
more that twelve month developing and fauna change the pricing table and Brazil region deleted.

really like fauna and your features but head team dont understand your public(startups and rising companies) or want pivot the public category and get big fish(mid and big companies)

@codiplace and @Simon_Gabyshev We are looking to expand global coverage by offering a choice of regions where Fauna served. These new regions would offer these main advantages, the data within a Fauna region would stay inside that region exclusively, enabling you meet data residency requirements you may have, such as GDPR. In addition, the operation latency within a region would be lower in comparison to our global region, as the area in which data consistency is enforced is smaller. We plan to eventually provide regions in all major areas of the globe, but the initial set of regions we’ll likely start off with to be the EU and North America. We’d like to expand to APAC and South American regions but those would come after EU and NA.

I’d like to understand more about your requirement and how you might use our regions. Do you mind if I reach out to you via email?

Hi @Bryan_Fauna !
Yes, please reach out, I would be happy to discuss. Sent PM

hi @Bryan_Fauna thanks for answer! Sure, please, send email to talk about this.