Fauna regions


I’m confused with the FaunaDB regions. On the home page I see a map with only one future region in SEA (I guess in Malaysia).

But the official medium post says that the Singapore region is already operational.

Can someone confirm that Singapore region is available?
And if so how can I make sure that the DB I create will be in specific region? I can’t find any configuration about regions in the dashboard.

Currently, there is no production Fauna replica in the Malaysia region. The Medium post appears to have been removed. I’m not certain that we ever claimed that a Malaysia region was operational; if we did, that was in error, or was overly optimistic.

Today, all of your data is distributed to replicas in all regions. That minimizes read times for globally-distributed data, but does provide a challenge for GDPR compliance. We are working towards the ability to specify geographic regions for data storage, but we’re not far enough along in our development to be able to announce an availability date or specifics.

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Never saw a material claiming Malaysia region. Just guessed based on the map on the home page.

The map seems outdated. What’s the list of production regions in Fauna?

You can see the current production regions listed on https://status.fauna.com/.

It does, indeed, look like the map is out of date. I’ve alerted our marketing team to update when they can.


It does look like Fauna is not present in Asia at all :eyes: