Prototyping 3rd party auth without $150

The news today shows that 3rd-party auth will only be available at the $150/month Team level.

Will there be a way to prototype this once it goes live without committing $150?

I don’t expect I will have any time to work with the beta. Once it goes live what options should I and others expect to have for ensuring that the apps we build without 3rd-party auth can still be ready for 3rd-party auth?

good to know… I’m in the same situation.

While there’s been some hubub over pricing changes, I not trying cause such a stir. I am concerned, though, about using best practices to build apps and prepare them for eventually using 3rd party auth.

I am in a place that would require me to build up usage to justify the team level $150 before I even consider any apps with 3rd party auth. Yet the world is in a place where social auth can be absolutely vital for a new app to get traction. This means I am unable to use Fauna best practices for new apps, until I already have significantly successful apps already in the world without those best practices.

The Blog is nice, but I cannot even run the start script without paying $150 (not mentioned in the blog post btw, but moving on). There was talk for months about the new features coming, which put in a place to stop working and wait for them. The official tutorial for the feature comes out and I am unable to follow it.

I can get the cost, but is there anyway to prototype with the feature without the huge price tag? A primary reason I ever came to Fauna in the first place is that someone in my place could access all of the awesome features on the free tear. I could complain and claim with fiery passion that these features should be available at free tier and just use up TCO’s rapidly. I could… because that would be awesome… but I do want to move on and figure out how I can be successful with these new plans.

Is there any way we can get functional Providers for prototyping without the $150 team level? Docker image? Anything? Or are we left to read and re-read the blog and example code hoping that when we pull the trigger things can be turned around quickly enough to make the cost worth it?