$50 for the first 3 devs who find bugs in preview auth or streaming

As mentioned previously, we’re looking for people to try out the following upcoming features:

  • Document streaming (i.e., real-time document-level event subscriptions for UI redraw, etc.)
  • 3rd party auth integration (e.g., easy SSO via identity providers like Auth0 and Okta)

This will allow you to get preliminary access to these new features before anyone else so that you can start development work.

Additionally, to try to sweeten the deal, we’re also now offering $50 Amazon gift cards to the first 3 users to send bug reports for either of these new features.

Please reply to this topic, or email summer.schrader@fauna.com if you would like to volunteer to check out either (or both) of these features. I will send you instructions on how to access our preview environment and set up sample apps so that you can play around with the new functionality either via the new preview dashboard UI or the drivers.


I’ve been waiting for both these features, happy to test them as I’m working on my proof of concept project currently.

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I’d be happy to test these features :slight_smile:

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