Sorry but I'm afraid to trade from Dashboard now

Yesterday I ran a simple query to create about 10 indexes through the shell.
Then I forgot the tab open and when I checked today this is the query count.

It worries me that this issue has been reported many times before, both by me and by others, but still unresolved.

It is very important that this issue is investigated and a definitive solution is found.

Hi @hasimyerlikaya. Please be aware that the Dashboard queries your database and that those operations are reflected on the home screen.

Similar concerns have indeed come up recently. That doesn’t mean it’s a bug, but it does highlight that there is still some confusion about how Fauna charges for the requests that you make, including those you make through the Dashboard. So while there are no issues to resolve, we can still continue the discussion.

I recently went through a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of how the dashboard queries the database. Please take a look at that and let us know if you have any more questions. Mysterious Shell Read and write ops - #2 by ptpaterson

From that post, I will forward some rules of thumb to consider while you are navigating the Dashboard:

You can check these yourself by monitoring your browser’s dev-tools’, where you can observe the cost of navigating around and performing actions in the response headers (See linked topic for an example).

If you want to minimize the cost of using the Dashboard, consider the following:

  • Avoid navigating back and forth across pages. Each page load will make a new request to the database.
  • Close your tabs when done to avoid unnecessary operations when your browser refreshes pages.
  • Consider using the Fauna Shell CLI, or a driver in your preferred language, to work more directly with your database.
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