Dashboard query count issue

There are three databases that I use for the project I am developing.
Although I do very few queries per day, it seems that 15,000+ queries were made on October 12th.
These queries seem to be made on the dashboard that remains open.
I think there is a problem here.

As far as I remember, there was a problem like this before and it was fixed.
I think the same problem has occurred again.

A few browser tabs stay open, I always have to check something.
It is not possible for me to have made so many queries.

I would appreciate it if you are interested, thanks :slight_smile:

It looks like 3,300 more queries have been added today, although I hardly ever work.
There is definitely a problem with the Dashboard.
Unfortunately, this creates serious insecurity for me about future bills. :pensive:

Hi @hasimyerlikaya ,
We would very much like to investigate this issue.
I could not find a Fauna account associated with your Forums email. Can you please DM me the email associated with your Fauna account so we can take a look?

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Thank you for providing your email. We will look into the issue and provide an update here.


Hi @hasimyerlikaya ,

I have opened an escalation with our Engineering team and shared these details with them. I will update here once we know more.


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Hi @hasimyerlikaya

We have verified the dashboard activity related to your account(s) and we do not see anything problematic with the reporting.

I see there is another post created for the same issue. The account used there seems to be different but we have checked the logs and there is genuine dashboard activity that corelates to the ops calculated and reported on the dashboard.

As mentioned in that post, there is detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of how the dashboard queries the database. Mysterious Shell Read and write ops - #2 by ptpaterson


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