Dashboard query count issue

There are three databases that I use for the project I am developing.
Although I do very few queries per day, it seems that 15,000+ queries were made on October 12th.
These queries seem to be made on the dashboard that remains open.
I think there is a problem here.

As far as I remember, there was a problem like this before and it was fixed.
I think the same problem has occurred again.

A few browser tabs stay open, I always have to check something.
It is not possible for me to have made so many queries.

I would appreciate it if you are interested, thanks :slight_smile:

It looks like 3,300 more queries have been added today, although I hardly ever work.
There is definitely a problem with the Dashboard.
Unfortunately, this creates serious insecurity for me about future bills. :pensive:

Hi @hasimyerlikaya ,
We would very much like to investigate this issue.
I could not find a Fauna account associated with your Forums email. Can you please DM me the email associated with your Fauna account so we can take a look?

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Thank you for providing your email. We will look into the issue and provide an update here.


Hi @hasimyerlikaya ,

I have opened an escalation with our Engineering team and shared these details with them. I will update here once we know more.