Streaming the union of two sets doesn't seem to work

I tried the following code:
q.Match(q.Index('account_onboarding_batch_upload_hasUndismissedError'), true),
  q.Match(q.Index('account_onboarding_batch_upload_processing'), false),

And got the following error:

“Expected a Document Ref or Version, or a Set Ref, got Set.”
“invalid argument”

According to the docs, Union returns a SetRef. Streaming using a single one of those Match statements worked. So my guess is that set streaming doesn’t support “composite” sets? The documentation doesn’t seem to mention this…

Hi @wallslide, you are correct. Streaming does not yet support combined Sets. Streams can only be created for a single Index, for example, a single Match or Documents call. Set operations – such as Union, Intersection, and Join – are not yet supported.

We should probably make that clear at least in the Limitations section for Event Streaming. I have created an internal ticket for us to do just that.

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