Weird Experience with child databases

I created a new child database with CreateDatabase({name: "test1"}) which threw the following error "Database already exists.". I had previously created the test1 database and deleted it for weeks now. Next, I decided to check if the database existed with Exists(Database("test1")) which gave a response of false. Now I got curious as to why this was happening. So I said, let me create a new database with a new name I have not used before. I created this database with CreateDatabase({name: "test9994666"}) and the same error from before came, "Database already exists." How is this possible? While I was at it, I checked to see if this new database already existed and the answer was the NO. I have tested this with the current JS driver (4.3.0) as well as the Dashboard shell and the issue is consistent.

Hi Samuel,

Just closing the loop here: we’ve opened a support ticket to track this one, since it’s specific to your database. We’ll mark this original question as Solved and move further discussion that ticket.


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