What means history in roles permissions? (How to use history) (fauna logging)

Is fauna have logging functionality? And what means history read/write how use it?
Can’t find it in documentation.

Fauna does log operations so that our admin staff can monitor activity in the database and resolve problems when they occur. However, there are no logs available to customers. A number of customers have requested logs of some sort, and we are looking into what that might take to provide, but we don’t have any ETA or announcement to make.

The history_read and history_write are involved when reading/writing document history. Each document stored in Fauna is immutable. Every time you update a document, a new version is stored. You can explore the history of a document with the Events function.

One situation that requires the history_write privilege, that can seem unexpected, is using a specified document id when calling Create. For example, Create (Ref(Collection("posts"), "1"), { data: { ... }}). That’s because auto-generated document ids are informed, in part, by the current database transaction time.

Thanks for pointing out that you couldn’t find such detail in the documentation. The descriptions for each privilege are included here: How to use database security roles | Fauna Documentation
But it would certainly make sense to include those descriptions on the ABAC page too. I’ve filed an issue to make that change, and hopefully we’ll get that update published soon.

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