Where are we with data export?

Its been a while since I visited here or worked on the application that was using Fauna. I am considering moving away to Postgres even though I find fauna to be the easiest there is.

Has there been any further updates since last 6 months on these fronts:

  • How do we extract the data from Fauna later if we want to move away into some other DB?
  • How do we go about building a recommendation engine on the data stored on fauna?
  • Any integrations/improvements on the full text search?
  • What are the future prospects of Fauna? Is it a risky niche technology with handful of customer which can go under or has it found its feet?

Just want to be sure before I go in too deep and migrate my existing application from SQL to Fauna. All suggestions appreciated.

We have a airbyte plugin in works that lets you do all these. It’s going to be released sometime end of August