Price and Performance comparison

The only thing I have found so far has been from docs, but it is rather lacking in empirical measurements.

My amateur understanding so far is that FaunaDB excels in data models that contain many relations (joins) appropriate for graphs/Neo4j mixed with relations for aggregate computation (PostgreSQL).

So, anyone who migrated to FaunaDB from PostgreSQL specifically - and what was the change in billing/performance when doing so?

Hi Lars,

Thanks for joining the Fauna community. I’m going through older posts that haven’t been closed out and I wanted to see if you ever got an answer to this question? Are you still looking for price comparisons between Fauna and competitors?


Hi Cory,

Thanks for taking your time to revisit this question.

We finished and finalized our micro-service stack/design last week. Deviating from PostgreSQL - particularly at this stage - would require significant arguments…

… But I am sure it will prove useful for me in the future, if not for other future customers.