Where is GraphQL docs?

I noticed that in the current version of docs did remove Graphql documentation. is it or am I blind? Why?

Oh it’s deprecated but now how can I build type-safe queries :sob: with autocomplete, I was using graphql zeus that generated TS types and clients to access DB all-type-safe with autocomplete. can v10 achieve that?

Hi @rxd,

FQL v10 is a statically typed language, very similar to TS. We don’t yet support type checking on complex object types, but that will be coming soon, when we release schema enforcement.

We don’t have a tool for stubbing out client code, but that is something we’ve considered for our roadmap. We’ll be taking your ask here as input to our planning process.

We are EoL’ing the GraphQL API on February 29th 2024. Although we wont be providing a direct GraphQL API, Fauna is still an excellent choice as a database supporting GraphQL middleware. For instance, you can use Apollo as your GraphQL server, using an Data Source extension to connect to Fauna.

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