Acces with my secret key from south america

i had problems trying to access to my database in united states with my secret key.
i can’t access from shell with “Run as”, or with my app.
how can i pass a us domain? i think that solves the problem but i am not sure where the domain goes

i think that topic is not clear, or is not very begginer friendly, or may be i am stupid, or 50% 50%

You can specify the domain when you instantiate the client connection object.

For example, in JavaScript, you would do this:

const client = new faunadb.Client({
  secret: 'YOUR_FAUNA_SECRET' ,
  domain: '',

If you’re not using JavaScript, you can find all the connection parameters for a supported host language in the documentation: How to connect to Fauna | Fauna Documentation

If you’re using the Dashboard, it automatically connects to the correct region based on the database that you have selected. The “Run As” feature is for running a query with different privileges, not for connecting to a different database, potentially in a different region.

Hi @axk2 sorry to hear you had friction on this area. We’re looking to make the need for specific Region Group endpoints more apparant in the UI, so that users are made more aware of this config issue, right at the time they are completing the creation of a database.