Appgyver + FaunaDB vs Backendless/Back4app

Hello, looking at building enterprise healthcare applications using Appgyver’s Composer Pro on the front end and connecting it to FaunaDB or a MBaaS like Back4App or Backendless. I’m very technical, for a healthcare executive :wink:

My thinking was that might be best not to expend a bunch of resources on mapping the front end to a complex REST API with tons of URLs like Backendless or Back4app and that perhaps FaunaDB is the best fit since I will have concurrent users and many real time data use cases where I worry about not having strict serialization and with a graphql api, wouldn’t I simply need to create each type of transaction in Appgyver’s Data mgmt/variable area once (create, delete, update, etc)? Wouldn’t I need to create one set of such transactions for each table for a rest api if each table has a different URL so if I connected Appgyver to Backendless that uses REST? so if I have 350 tables that I need to do transactions on, I’d have to build out a create X, create Y, create Z (one for each table/resource/url)?

Sorry for my noobness and I’ll appreciate any help.