Change an existing database's region

I have a database on classic region groups, can I change it to be on “US Region”? Or do I need to manually migrate it? which will be sad.

HI April,

We’re working on a database copy feature which would allow you to move a copy of an entire database hierarchy, either at the root db or at a child db, across region groups. This copy capability is coming as part of our larger Backup and Restore solution. Our estimate is to have this available in a preview release late this fall. Here are some details you may be interested in.

This feature will copy over all

  • All documents, including all versions of a document (user visible history)
  • Schema elements including
    • All indexes, UDFs, credentials, access providers
    • GraphQL schemas

However, the copy excludes

  • keys, tokens

The keys can’t be copied into a duplicate database because the authentication keys are used to identify which database queries should be routed to. Having duplicate keys in different databases would create ambiguity on which database the key should route to. However, the keys will be restored if you are restoring a snapshot to the original database from which the snap was created. Hope this helps and please let me know if you have any questions.


While this feature is still not out, I have here a script that “copies” a database from source to destination. Its collections, indexes, functions, and data.