Region Groups - released 2021-06-30

I am very excited to announce that Region Groups are now live and fully available for use. Region Groups are independent Fauna clusters which run within a single area of the globe, such as the US and the EU. Region Groups allow you to meet your data residency requirements, including compliance with GDPR standards. At present, you may create new databases in your choice of European Union, United States, or in the more broadly replicated Global (US-EU) Region Group. Your existing databases are located in the Global Region Group.


What happens to my current database with this release?
Nothing! Your existing DBs will continue to live where they always have, which is the Global Region Group. So carry on with your business as usual. If you create new DBs, you can choose the same Global region group or the new isolated EU and US region groups.

How do I request a new Region Group?
We plan to add more Region Groups over the course of the year, but we are eager to know what Region Groups you would like us to support. Please issue your request via this link.

How can I move from my existing database to either the EU or US?
Region Groups are isolated from one another, with no mechanism for cross region group replication today. To move an existing dataset from one Region Group to another requires you to extract the data and import it to the target region group. We are planning to provide database copy functionality which will help users migrate from one region group to another.

How does this affect my billing today?
Your current database pricing will not change! If you’d like to use the US or EU Region Groups for your future databases, keep in mind that each Region Group is priced differently. Please read our pricing page for detailed info on pricing.

Where can I learn more?
You can get more details about Regions Groups in our documentation.


The Google Form for the Region Group request says I need permission. “This form can only be viewed by users in the owner’s organization.”

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Thanks @jessepmason, pardon the permissions problem. Please give it a try now.


An Australian region would be great. We always get left out :frowning:

For use in Legal applications we need to be able to restrict to individual countries.

HI @MMJM Australia is on our horizon. Please use the form to get your vote counted!

@Bryan_Fauna Good to hear we are on the horizon.

What form is this that you mention?

Hi @MMJM here’s the link Fauna Region Groups