GDPR compliance

Hi! It Fauna DB GDPR-ready? Can I use it as an European company? Thanks!

Hi Akryum. We do have customers in the EU, but we’re waiting on official guidance on this. Do you mind if I reach out to you via email to get a better idea of your data locality requirements?

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Sure! You can email me. I’m located in France.

@Akryum et al<

As you may notice in this Forum’s announcements I am very excited to announce that Region Groups are now live and fully available for use. Region Groups are independent Fauna clusters which run within a single area of the globe, such as the US and the EU. Region Groups allow you to meet your data residency requirements, including compliance with GDPR standards. At present, you may create new databases in your choice of European Union, United States, or in the more broadly replicated Global (US-EU) Region Group. Your existing databases are located in the Global Region Group. Please check out the linked post for details and links to documentation.