Local FaunaDB installation capabilities

As far as I know, it’s possible to set up FaunaDB locally, but it’s not entirely clear what capabilities and limitations exist. We’ve developed some software on FaunaDB, and several of our clients are requesting data localization. The laws of some countries, such as Switzerland, prohibit storing corporate data outside the country. There are other reasons why localization might be required. Can FaunaDB allow us to localize data on our servers? Is there support for the latest versions? Are there plans to support such capabilities?

Hi @ProjectINT,

At the top level, Fauna has a feature called Region Groups which are fully isolated instances of the Fauna service that run entirely in a single geographic area. As an full, but isoloated instance of the Fauna service, data is never leaves the geographic area that region group is exists in. Some of our users run their databases in our EU region group as part of their GDPR compliance strategy.

The number of Region Groups we’ll offer will expand in the future, which could include Asia, Australia, and even a Switzerland only Region Group. We also offer Virtual Private Fauna for users who want to have full isolation and a custom geographic footprint.

So, is it not possible to install Fauna on our server and use it at the moment? Fauna have a developer version, that installing with docker to local machine, can it be used for commercial purposes? I mean this: How to Develop Locally Using Docker - Fauna Documentation

HI @ProjectINT The Fauna docker image is to be used for development purposes only, and not for commercial purposes.