Dashboard displays thousands of ops in the last 7 days, but my projects only have a few hundreds

I don’t use the dashboard every day, and I don’t have that much data yet, we haven’t actually launched yet, we’re still in the final testing phase, but the dashboard is telling me that I’ve made thousands of ops.

I’m sure that this will affect our monthly ops quota, any thoughts on this?

I have similar issue, complained and they said they fixed it but have not seen any difference.

Are we billed for using the Dashboard?! I’ve noticed the Dashboard using ops when I’m logged in but not touching it. For how little I click around the Dashboard the number of ops used seems horrific.

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I’m seeing a similarly large magnitude of dashboard ops vs app-driven ops. I understand being billed for shell script execution, but we shouldn’t be billed for playground or dashboard generated ops.

Can someone from Fauna look into this and confirm if there is a bug, and also if dashboard ops count towards billing? I’ve provided details on this thread, where others are discussing a similar issue: Read ops/pricing - #13 by scottie1031

I’m not working on this full-time, I only have 2 databases with less than 30 documents in total, if I can get up to 10k of read-ops in just a day, I can definitely see that a team of 3 to 5 people working full-time will easily get 3 million reads in a month just by using the dashboard alone.

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If you are experiencing this issue, please email me to set up a call: product @ Fauna dot com