Fauna does not let me write to my database after having reached the quota over a month ago

Due to an issue in the code of my application, I managed to clock in a few dozen thousand read operations on my database. The quota is said to reset monthly, but after over a month has passed since reaching the quota, any and all write operations are simply ignored, and no documents are created.

Hello @vxern. I am on Fauna’s Support team. Will you please create a support ticket using the same email used to create the Fauna account? Then we can handle your account details.

You can create a ticket by emailing support@fauna.com, or by submitting a ticket directly from our helpdesk: https://support.fauna.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Hello @vxern. Thank you for creating a support ticket and working through this with us. We determined that your account was not paused and that the database was behaving correctly. To close the loop here in the forums, I would like to take a moment to share the solution for the community, so others can watch out for similar behavior.

The issue was that the subject Collections had ttl_days set to zero (0) days. ttl_days specifies the number of days documents are retained for this collection.

By setting ttl_days to zero, each new document was created with a ttl field set to “now, plus 0 days”. So, every document created was expiring immediately and therefore could not be read or displayed in the dashboard.

To prevent the issue the ttl_days setting for the collection should be set to a value greater than 0 or blank if you don’t want your documents to expire automatically.

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