Found 359 reads for my account which has 1 database with 1 collection with 2 documents and 2 indexes - what is going on here?

Hi there,

Today I started learning FaunaDB and I created 1 database, in it I have 1 collection, and in this collection I have 2 documents. With regards to Indexes, I have 2 indexes, one of them is to return all users, and the other index is to search for a user by FirstName.

Basically 1 Users collection and it contains 2 users, each user has about 8 fields/data-records in it like FirstName, LastName, etc

However, after I logged in after a couple of hours, I found 359 reads in my dashboard!

How did these 359 reads come to be? I don’t have any application connected to FaunaDB or making use of my database. The database is purely for me to learn with it and test our FaunaDB - so from where did 359 reads come from I wonder? cause this is crazy.

Imagine I had more collections and documents, my reads would easily surpass the limits of FaunaDB and I would be charged a ton of money.

Is this a bug? Is this some algorithm to add and accumulate more reads on a user’s account? What is wrong here cause it doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t add up.

I have the simplest form of database and I’m the single user and only used it once so far, yet it somehow accumulated 359 reads which is ridiculous !

I would appreciate your help please

Thank you in advance

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Now it is 4 hours after I posted the above AND NOW there are 889 reads! I’m not using the database…what the heck is wrong here? Can you kindly investigate this?

@salibaray navigating through the dashboard will create a good handful of reads every time you refresh, navigate to a different page, or at other times to make the dashboard function. The dashboard uses the javascript driver to query your database just as your application does, and those operations appear in your total operations.

@ptpaterson That’s the thing, I was at my piano lesson so I was not even in front of my computer or interacting with the dashboard nor database in any way whatsoever. This is why I’m finding it really weird.

Over 10 writes, over 889 reads, in 4.5 hours with no interaction from my end.

I would expect over 800 reads if I had an app or website that is interacting with the database - like 800 users that logged in and fetched data from the database - but not with zero interaction.

I’m scared to even try to write an app that uses FaunaDB when I see these weird things happening, imagine waking up to a 1k bill or more to pay - doesn’t make sense.

As of this morning, 15 hours after my previous reply, I now logged into the dashboard and found:

  • 1,057 reads
  • 10 writes

So the writes remained the same, but the reads still increased on their own with no interaction from my end or any app.

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13,000+ reads here with just 200 writes. I am working on just one database with only a handful of functions and a couple of empty collections. Numbers seem way off.

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Yes these numbers are crazy - how can we raise this bug in priority so that it is looked at?

This issue seems identical to My dashboard tells me that I've made 10,000+ read operations in the shell / playground

It is related I think yes, but that was 7 months ago - it would be crazy if FaunaDB have not resolved this bug/bugs by now as many customers might be cheated with excessive reads and writes that they never actually generated and are being ‘charged’ for technically.

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