High latency in India, Asia

I’m using the fauna js driver with Vercel and Next.JS. It currently is taking me 1s to write a basic record with a single key via my API. On the fauna shell, available at the fauna dashboard, it takes 700 ms for the same query. Consequent queries take approximately 350 ms.

I understand that these numbers are too high, aren’t they? I’m currently in Mumbai, India and my Next.JS deployments are also here in Mumbai. I need a way to lower these numbers or I might have to switch to dynamodb or aurora serverless. Can you help me out?

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I was hoping for more activity on this topic. Can anyone from fauna such as @databrecht or @Jay-Fauna comment as to what are my options here or do I have no other choice than to move to another platform.

Hi again! I was genuinely expecting a response with some suggestion to mitigate the latency but that didn’t happen. This was a major disappointment.

While you have a great product, really an engineering marvel, if you can’t provide timely support defined by yourself, you will just cripple the product’s ability to reach its greatness. This is why major cloud infra/services put so much effort into customer support.

It’s alright to not solve all problems. It’s alright to say no to feature requests that don’t benefit you as a business. But, it’s never a good idea to ignore customers as you did here with my request.

I believe that this feedback would probably be taken down sooner or later and that’s alright.

Fauna currently lacks accountability when it comes to supporting customers, until you don’t improve on this the product will suffer due to collateral damage.

I’m moving to Dynamodb because I know AWS prioritises their customers and communicates back with minimum turnaround times even on the free tier.


First let me apologize that this request was not addressed in a timely manner. You’re absolutely right that all of our customers, regardless of how much they’re paying (or even whether they’re paying), are important and deserve a response. We fell down on this one and we’re going to work harder in the future to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

To address your question about latency, currently the three regions we operate in are spread between North America and Europe. While we do have plans to expand into APAC in the future we aren’t able to say when that will be. Sadly, that means that we may not be the perfect fit for your needs today. But we do hope that you’ll keep an eye on our expansion and give us another try when we add regions in APAC that could give you the response times you’re looking for.

I’m sorry you had a negative experience with us through our forums. If there’s anything else we can do for you please feel free to reach out to me directly at cory.waddingham@fauna.com.