Latency of Asia

Hi, I am from Hong Kong.

Just doing research on FaunaDB. I found that it is pretty fast using shell on fauna dashboard which around 10~20ms per query.

But when I use my local terminal to do query, it goes up to around 100ms ~ 200ms which means the latency goes high when the connection is from Asia.
Is it there any Asia server support currently? I only found Europe and US in cloud support page

My Plan is researching any other approach to develop a super sale e-shop. The network traffic will goes extremely high at the super sale start.
In order to HA and preventing oversell problem, I comes to FaunaDB because of the atomic operate feature of FaunaDB.

My original approach is making use of Redis. Copy the stock to the redis when the sale start, and make the instant update on redis first and queue all the operation to traditional Database.

In the situation, will FaunaDB is another best approach?

Hi @dominwong4,

Would you contact me in private and share more details about your project?
That way I can help you better.


Contacted you via message.
Thanks a lot!