How do i allow multiple people to access a db fauna

Hi, Im working on a project with a friend, and it would make both our lives alot easier if we could both have access to the fauna dashboard, we both have a key to the db so we can read/write to it but he cant use the dashboard to look at elements, so i was wonder if anyone knew how i could accomplish this. thanks

Hi @Artrix9095,

This is a feature of our Teams and Business tiers, they both allow for multiple accounts in the dashboard. Free and Individual do not. Both of them only support one session at a time, so if you’re logged in and your friend logs in from their browser, it will log you out. Note that the same thing would happen if you logged yourself in from two different browsers; for instance, if you use Chrome normally and login with Safari for whatever reason it will log you out of your Chrome session.

There might be a way to set up a shared VPC you both connect to and use the same browser session to connect to the dashboard, but that’s not really something we could help you with. And at that point you might as well upgrade to Teams, anyway, given the costs and effort involved with that kind of setup.

Short of that, paired programming via Zoom might help, but I understand it’s not exactly what you’re asking for.


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