Naming conventions

Is there a naming convention, particularly for the fields of a collection? From what I see people are going with lower case names like:

However, I’m coming over from many years working with relational database and its common to have some type of a naming convention using a prefix showing what entity a field belongs to. When some database can have 100s or even 1000s of tables and 200+ columns for a single a table, and then millions of lines of code in applications consuming data from the db, it helps bring clarity to what is being worked on.

I don’t see that here. It there a compelling reason why not to have such a naming convention?

An example might be (for a Company table):

Thoughts and feedback?

Thank you.

I like to have my own naming conventions, but there is no official guideline in fauna. Someone with a JS background will like different conventions than someone with a DBA background. I do think you can perfectly apply the naming conventions from your relational database experience to Fauna. If you would like Fauna to have a more opinionated opinion or enforce naming conventions it might be a good idea to open a Feature request.