Transaction does too much compute: got 12031, limit: 12000"

Сould you remove this restriction or increase the limits?

I’ve had this issue before when calculating dashboard statistics for a large amount of data. I ended up implementing pagination in my function, and iterating over the pages on the client to build up my dataset.

I’am calculate orders to show them on calendar. For this calculation i get indexes of orders with status and dates values, then calculate which orders meets the condition of dateFrom and dateTo. This not convenient to paginate

User want see on dashboard all orders not only part of it, will be nice if fauna remove this restriction, or make a special rate without limitation.

Fauna is a shared database service, so we impose reasonable limits on compute+resources to mitigate the “noisy neighbor” problem.

If you have reached the limit of resources for a single query, you should look at breaking your workflow into multiple queries.

Currently, there is no way to remove this restriction without impacting some other aspect of the Fauna’s operations, and there is no way to pay for such an alternative configuration.