Using Dashboard on multiple Devices/Browser

I’m using a Laptop and a Desktop PC. And every time I switch the device, it seems that he is getting a cache conflict. It shows me the Dashboard, but no Databases. So I need to log out and login again. Then I see the databases again. But then all saved Queries in the GraphQL Playground are gone.

The same happens if I access the dashboard from a different Browser on the same device.

I was ignoring that Bug for a longer time, but now I’m getting quite tired of it - So I’m sharing it :wink:

Hi @Mike! It is a known issue that the dashboard and shell together only support a single auth session (doesn’t matter what keys/tokens are in use at the same time). The experience of not seeing any of your databases when a session expires is particularly painful.

We have internal issues for updating our access management story and they are being prioritized with our other engineering work.

I moved this post to Feature Requests so it can remain open for votes/comment/discussion/updates until we can make the necessary changes to the Dashboard.