VSCode extension doesn't recognise files with dots in the file name

If the graphql file contains any dots in the file name the Fauna extension doesn’t recognize the file as a graphql file.
For example if the file is named schema-0.1.0.gql or schema-0.1.0.graphql then the extension fails with the following error

You must select a Graphql document (`.graphql` or `.gql`) to upload a schema.

If the file is named schema-010.gql or schema-010.graphql it works without any errors.

It should be possible to use a file name with dots.
Platfrom: Linux
VSCode: 1.57.1
Fauna Extension: 1.7.2

Hi @gearoid good catch! The best way to report a bug in the VS Code extension is to submit an issue on the github repo.

I’ve created an new git issue

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