Create Faunadb Local Emulator

I am just developing my webapp using solid-js & I am pointing to my Deno deploy Rest API that will query a data from the Database, but I see that I am just spamming the database when I am just writing the code that I need to grab the data from the database multiple times & I see that there are multiple requests that I am making to the Database in the faunadb dashboard. So I am wondering that How about creating a local development Emulator that is not the real database but works similarly for local development like Firebase Emulators (The Local Firebase Emulator UI in 15 minutes - YouTube) (Introduction to Firebase Local Emulator Suite  |  Firebase Documentation).

Also the faunadb free tear is really big but when developing an App there might be too many requests to the database. So I am thinking about creating a local graphql server that can give the same data to the database. Not to finish my monthly database free tear.

You can use Fauna Dev, which is a Docker image running a single-node Fauna database service. You can use that to develop your applications against without incurring read/write/storage operations in the production service.

Yes I know this is possible but it’s not for my PC (my PC isn’t fast enough to run docker) & also I don’t know docker at all.

I know that creating a Local Development Emulator isn’t easy, but Faunadb should create these kind of tooling to save the database from a traffic generated while developing an App.

I can just create a graphql server locally when developing & just switch to my faunadb Deno Deploy Api when I finish.