Fauna Airbyte integration not showing up

I was really excited to read, that the Fauna integration for Airbye was launched (Transfer data in Fauna to your analytics tool using Airbyte). I was cross reading it and was mainly starting directly in Airbyte because I used Airbyte already a bit. But if I’m trying to add it there, it’s not existing in Airbyte :thinking:

Is that a special integration that it’s not showing up there? Because it would be great to do it over UI instead over the more extensive technical path, that you’re providing in the Blog.

Hello, @Mike!

The blog provides instructions for how to use the Fauna connector with the open source version of Airbyte. Step #2 describes how to deploy a local instance of Airbyte.

We are still going through the approval process with Airbyte to get the connector available on their cloud service.

Can you confirm that you are encountering the issue while using Airbyte’s cloud service?

Good point - Yes, I’m using the Cloud Version - Then I’ll wait for the cloud version approval - Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

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Hi @Mike and everyone!

Fauna’s Airbyte connector is now available in Airbyte’s cloud service! We’re listed in the integrations: Connector Catalog | Airbyte Documentation

So once your in a project and selecting your source, you should see Fauna there!

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