Get Dashboard Metrics Programmatically

Is there a way to access the metrics for each database (Storage, Compute Ops, etc.) displayed on the Dashboard programmatically?

I’d like to be able to query a database to get a snapshot of its current usage.

Hello! We are thinking of providing this as a premium feature. If you have the time, I’d love to get on a call with you to learn more about your use case. Please find some time on my Calendly:


I’m still evaluating tech / at the germination stage of development so I’m still hunting for the ideal solutions for my situation.

My use case is nothing too complex, just thinking about how to easily calculate costs in a ‘per subscription/account’ basis for a SaaS application.

Ideally I would be looking at creating a child database for each of my customer’s subscriptions and be able to utilize these fine-grained metrics for invoicing.

If this will be a premium feature, it would be nice to have a stubbed or simplified API available for evaluation/development purposes!