Use Case Questions - Telehealth using Twilio WebRTC Go Room

Hello, I’m trying to build a 1-1 (provider to patient) telehealth application for my business needs. I was going to use Twilio’s free product that seems to meet my needs but after I finished setting it up via this tutorial, it says I need my own access token server so exploring that.

Here is the tutorial

I’m guessing I need functions to automate a patient wanting to do telehealth (generate a room, give only them access) and give the same to my team and provide some GUI for them to hop in each room/call at their leisure.

I’m curious if FaunaDB could be that server that Twilio mentions I need that would be creating rooms and access and handing such out to the patient who created it (maybe by clicking button on our website, etc) and our team so we can see who is waiting for how long and gather some basic info from the patient when they enter like contact info and reason for visit/what they are seeking etc. Am I barking up the wrong tree? Sorry if this is noobish but my expertise lies mainly in healthcare domain. :slight_smile:

Hey Dan,

I believe Fauna is fine with your needs. It provides quite a good API, and its resources would be more than enough for your project.
We have used FaunaDB in our healthcare project ourselves and created a guide on ensuring user-friendliness, and, which is more important, privacy and HIPAA-compliance. Hope you will find it helpful.

Hi Charles, thank you so much for responding. I read the blog and appreciate the content. I was most interested in the last tidbit about how you all might be able/willing to help us get such across the finish line.

I’ve been looking for a great starting point to build out our own healthcare applications and think starting with telemedicine might make sense. I have the free twilio webrtc set up and working but it is limited on deployment (cannot post to website for each prospective patient to get in queue or for us to handle number patients at once. Per the twilio blog, I’ll need a login server or something to handle authentication and I’m guessing deployment. We use right now and are unhappy with the cost to value proposition.

I have a little dry powder to fund someone to assist us with this but telemedicine for us is a value add so not a terrible amount of dry powder, unfortunately. I’ve been looking for a partner I can trust to help us on this path of moving to our own solutions to solve the gaps in functionality in available 3rd party solutions. I have a wealth of healthcare expertise i.e. if I could physically build technology, my keen awareness of granular process needs and the challenges that move the needle, if addressed, is invaluable for going to market - and I have a wide network of hospitals and other healthcare groups to license/sell such software too in addition to using it for my businesses.

Hoping you can help us out with this need but would really love if we could find a partner in each other for all our healthcare technology needs. I helped Inbox Health in their infancy with strategy and granular tact on their business development. Sorry for any typos, under the gun on timing today so didn’t take the time to re-read and clean this up. Please don’t hold such against me :slight_smile:

Warm Regards,

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